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Asif Mahmood King Saud University Saudi Arabia
Enhancement of Catalytic Activity of Au/TiO2 catalyst by Thermal and Plasma Treatment for CO Oxidation
Stewart Barnes University of Miami USA
Yasufumi Enami Kochi University of Technology Japan
Adam Frank University of Rochester USA
Ganesh Balakrishnan University of New Mexico Mexico
InAs Quantum Dot based optically pumped high power vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers
Andrea Li Bassi Politecnico di Milano Italy
Masaharu Oshima University of Tokyo Japan
Electronic structure of Lithium ion battery cathode materials and its application
Reshef Tenne Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
Hongbo Guo BeiHang University China
Ming-Yu Li Kwangwoon University South Korea
Systematic Control of Configuration, Size and Density of Self-assembled Au Nanostructures on 4H-SiC (0001)
Andrew Grimsdale Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Kibog Park Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
Epitaxial Graphene Grown on Hexagonal SiC at Reduced Temperature with Mo-Plate Capping: Crystallinity and Carrier Transport
Axel Enders University of Nebraska–Lincoln USA
Kohei  SOGA Tokyo University of Science Japan
Application of Rare-Earth Doped Ceramics for Transparent Imaging Devices
Ho Cheuk-Lam Hong Kong Baptist University China
Functional materials for energy conversion
Yu-Shu Wu National Tsing-Hua Uinversity Taiwan
Theoretical study of all-electrical valley filters in bilayer graphene
Wen-Yong LAI Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications China
Marco Rolandi University of Washington USA
Sung Kyu Ha Hanyang University Korea
Light weight and High Performance Composites for Automotive Industry
Hiroshi Mizuta Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan
Graphene nano-electro-mechanical (NEM) devices for advanced switches and sensors
Junichi Kurawaki Kagoshima University Japan
Development of novel synthetic method of glucose-binding silver nanoparticles and biosensing applications
Zexiang Shen Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
Taloring graphene for applications in nanoelectronics and energy storage
Sung Ho Cho Hanyang University Korea
Applications of IR-UWB Radar Sensors
Thirumany Sritharan Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Pure Iron Pyrite (FeS2) as a photon absorber in photovoltaic systems – an analysis
HuiChi Chen Fu Jen Catholic University Taiwan
Three-dimesional holographic optical tweezers
Qiuyun Fu Huazhong University of Science and Technology China
Gas film sensors from quantum dots
Victor Ryzhii Tohoku University Japan
Terahertz lasers and detectors: Concepts and challenges
Yuanfei Han Shanghai Jiaotong University China
Fabrication and characterization of laminated Ti-(TiB+La2O3)/Ti composite
Puran Pandey Kwangwoon University South Korea
Shape transformation of self-assembled Au nanoparticles by the systematic control of deposition amount on Sapphire
Masaru Aniya Kumamoto University Japan
Ionic conductors and relaxation phenomena in disordered materials
Jieshan Qiu Dalian University of Technology China
Fabrication of 3D Functional Carbon Materials with Tuned Structure and Excellent Energy Storage Capability
Sirikalaya Suvachittanont Kasetsart University Thailand
Giwan Yoon Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology  South Korea
Piezoelectric ZnO Thin Films and Their Application for Micro Energy Harvesting Devices
Osamu Matoba Kobe University Japan
Digital holographic applications for bioimaging and industrial measurement
Abdel Hadi Kassiba CNRS University du Maine France
Insights on Nanostructured semiconduting oxides for photocatalytic applications
Yongmei Zheng Beihang University China
Hiroshi Watanabe National Chiao Tung Univercity Taiwan
Practical modeling of nano dot(s) in three dimensional device simulation
Yun Yan Peking University China
Electrostatic self-assembly: possibilties to retain the porphyrin monomer properties in aggregates
Yingying Zong Harbin Institute of Technology China
Loreto Valenzuela  Roediger Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile
Weihua Tang Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications China
Epitaxial growth and solar-blind photoelectric properties of novel ultrawide band gap semiconductor Ga2O3 thin films
Rolf Lortz Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China
Large gap, a pseudogap and proximity effect in the Bi2Te3/Fe1+yTe interfacial superconductor


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