Gene. Topi. IX

Koichi Ichimura Hokkaido University Japan
Charge disproportionation state in organic conductors
Yanxia Cui Taiyuan University of Technology China
Plasmonic Nanoscience and its Applications in Organic Electronics
Kyeong-Sik Min Kookmin University Korea
Isao Watanabe RIKEN Japan
muSR study on magnetic properties of pyrocholore irridates
Rebecca Cheung  University of Edinburgh UK
Micro-resonator devices and systems
Wang-Kong Tse University of Alabama USA
Magneto-Optical Effects in Topological Insulators and Graphene Layered Systems
Oomman K. Varghese University of Houston USA
Chris Marrows University of Leeds UK
Chiral magnetism and the Dzyaloshinkii-Moriya interaction in the bulk and at interfaces
Parongama Sen University of Calcutta India
Maximum load bearing capacity of a fibre  bundle model
Farhad Fazileh Isfahan University of Technology Iran
A tight-binding study of the scaling laws of phosphorene nanoribbons
Monica Craciun University of Exeter UK
High quality graphene for advanced applications
Gladius Lewis University of Memphis USA
Guiqin Li Tsinghua University  China
The first principle calculation for transport properties of electronic devices
Kuei-Fang Hsu National Cheng Kung University Taiwan
Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials Beyond the Calcopyrite AgGaQ2 (Q=S, Se)
Dan Marom Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
Hideo Kaiju Hokkaido University Japan
Large magnetocapacitance effect in magnetic tunnel junctions at room temperature
Cheng-Hsien Liu National Tsing Hua University Taiwan
Embryo Culture on a Microfluidic Lab Chip
MOHAMMED ZUBAIR M. SHAMIM King Khalid University  Saudi Arabia
Tamaz Kereselidze Tbilisi State University Georgia
Energy spectra of a particle confined in a potential well of ellipsoidal shape and finite height
Md. K. Nazeeruddin École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne Swissland
Efficient Solar Cells Based on Tailored Perovskites and Novel Hole Transporting Materials
Qian Niu University of Texas at Austin USA
O’Dae Kwon Pohang University of Science and Technology Korea
Photonic quantum ring (PQR) emitters and optical switches
Pooi See Lee Nanyang Technological University singapore
Flexible and Stretchable Conductors for Electrochemical Energy Conversion Devices
Sang-Yup Lee Yonsei University Korea
Applications of biomimetic bolaamphiphile molecules in catalysis and energy harvesting
Toshihiro Okamoto Tokushima University Japan
Split-ring resonator metamaterial fabricated by nanosphere lithography
Thierry Passerat de Silans Universidade Federal da Paraíba Caixa Brazil
Laser-induced adsorption of alkali atoms on dielectric surfaces
Wen-Cheng Wei National Taiwan University Taiwan
Glass and Ceramic Feedstocks for 3D Additive Manufacturing
Kazuo Miyamura Tokyo University of Science Japan
Unique behaviour of the material capable of storing heat by cold crystallisation
Misni Misran University of Malaya Malaya
Yongchang Han Dalian University of Technology China
Molecular photoassociation and photodissociation dynamics by femtosecond lasers
Jun Mizuno Waseda University Japan
Kenneth K.W. Kwan University of Hong Kong China
Nanostructured metallic actuator
Yusheng Shi  Huazhong University of Science & Technology China
Pritam Mukhopadhyay Jawaharlal Nehru University India
Stable Organic radicals, radical ions and supramolecular morphosynthesis from a Naphthalenediimide scaffold
Verena Gortz Lancaster University UK
Responsive Nanoscale Self-organisation in Soft Anisotropic Particles
Gabriel Luiz Cruz de Souza Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso Brazil
Probing electron scattering cross sections for molecules of technological importance
Zexiang Chen University of  Electronic Science and Technology of China China
A Direct Growth of Wafer-Scale Monolayer Graphene using Microwave Plasma CVD
Renato Garcia de Freitas Sobrinho Federal University of Mato Grosso Brazil
Tuning Nanomaterials Properties on Energy Conversion: Theoretical and Experimental Engineering
Muhammad Abrar Comsats ineof information technology Islamabad Pakistan
Study of Helium admixed Nitrogen discharge optical  using emmission spectroscopy
Shulin Sun Fudan University China
Highly efficient surface plasmon meta-coupler: concept and realization
Yogesh N. Joglekar Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis USA
Topological states in parity-time symmetric Aubry-Andre lattices: implications to beam opropagation in photonic lattices

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