Gene. Topi. VI

Edgar Knobloch University of California at Berkeley USA
Formation of quasicrystals in quenched soft-core particle systems
Ruqiang Zou Peking University China
Metal-organic framework based materials for energy storage and conversion
Masahiko Higuchi Shinshu University Japan
Energy band structures of the crystalline silicon immersed in the magnetic field
Ki Wook Kim North Carolina State University USA
Katsuhiko Higuchi Hiroshima University Japan
Pair-Density Functional Theory for Superconductors
Ching-Ling Hsu Chung Yuan Christian University Taiwan
Temperature-dependent morphology of annealed gold films on silicon surfaces
Hiromitsu Takaba Kogakuin University Japan
Modeling of Anode Catalyst in PMEFC using Informatics Integrated Computational Chemistry
Alexander Brown University of Alberta Canada
Molecular pre-cursors for materials chemistry and phosphorescent molecules: Computational Investigations
Yoshiyasu Ueno National University of Electro-Communications Japan
Precisely controlled few-picosecond 40-GHz-repetition clock pulses and their optical frequency comb spectra generated by universally designed milimeter-sized semiconductor-based all-optical gate with positive optical feedback, without three-dimentionally localized nonlinear saturable absorber
You Wang Harbin Institute of Technology China
New alloys and ceramic materials for 3D printing
Tingli Ma Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan
Development of nanomaterials for Dye-sensitized and Perovskite solar cells
M. Senthil Kumar Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
Magnetotransport properties of metal-semiconductor multilayers and thin films
Tae Geun Kim Korea University Korea
Glass-based transparent electrode: its application to visible-to-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes
Saverio Russo University of Exeter UK
Novel Highly Conductive and Transparent Graphene-Based Conductors
Hooman Mohseni Northwestern University USA
Novel micro optics and detectors for multi aperture 3D infrared imagers
Priyadarshi Ranjan Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
Evolving new and hybrid materials using WS2 nanotubes and their functionalities
Jing Li Xiamen University China
Three-Dimensional Si-Based Composite Nanorods Array Applied in Energy Storage System
Masashi Hasegawa Nagoya University Japan
High pressure synthesis, bonding nature and electronic structure of nitrogen-rich binary transition metal nitrides
Shengjun Yuan Radboud University Netherlands
Mesoscopic modeling of graphene and other 2D materials
Chiko OTANI RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics Japan
Broadband terahertz-IR-visible spectroscopy of organic polymer PEDOT:PSS
Hee Yeon Cho Loyola University Chicago USA
Airton Goncalves Salles, Jr. State University of Campinas Brazil
From a Self-organizing Chemical Assembly Line to Systems Chemistry and Beyond
Tetsuo Tsuchiya National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  Japan
Preparation of oxide thin films by ELAMOD for the flexible electronics
Miryana Hemadi University Paris Diderot France
Functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for drug targeting and heavy metals decontamination
Hikmat S. Hilal An-Najah National University Palestine
Novel nano-film electrodes with high photoelectrochemical efficiency and stability
Danilo Mustafa University of São Paulo Brazil
Self-Assembled Nanotubular Layered Double Hydroxides with Tunable Photoluminescence
Aliaksandr Bandarenka Technical University Munich Germany
Design of improved electrocatalysts for energy provision
Jian-Hua Jiang School of Physical Science and Technology Soochow University China
Linear and Nonlinear Thrmoelectricity with coupling to heat baths
Pravin Walke University of Mumbai India
3D nano and micro scale carbon based materials for energy storage application
Ghazanfar Abbas COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
Electrochemical Study of Nano-composite Anode for Energy Conversion Applications (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell)
Valery Levitas Iowa State University USA
Melt dispersion mechanism for oxidation of aluminum nano- and microscale particles
Saw-Wai Hla Ohio University USA
Lei Tian University of California Berkeley USA
Computational illumination for high-speed Gigapixel 3D phase imaging
Chi Hwan Lee Purdue University USA
Advanced Electronic Systems Enabled by Transfer Printing Approaches
Qian Yu Soochow University China
Yuta Mizukami University of Tokyo Japan
Impurity effect in iron-based superconductors
Jolly Jacob Abu Dhabi University United Arab Emirates
Sayed Abboudy Ibrahim Alexandria University Egypt
Hopping conduction, metal-insulator transition and related phenomena in 3D systems
Lachezar Komitov University of Gothenburg Sweden
New generation of alignment materials for LCDs
Khalid Alzebdeh Sultan Qaboos University Oman
Paz Vaqueiro University of Reading UK
Layered oxychalcogenides as promising thermoelectric materials
Tomoyasu Hirai Kyushu University Japan
Preparation of polymer with perylenediimide side chain and characterization of its nanostructure
Yingwei Zhang Beijing University of Chemical Technology China
Constructing Multiplexed DNA pattern by combining precise magnetic manipulation and DNA-driven assembly
Hong Wang Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Analysis of High-k ZrO2 on AlGaN and GaN
Seong Jin Koh University of Texas at Arlington USA
Cold-Electron Transport at Room Temperature: Toward Ultralow Energy Consumption Electronics
Masaki Nakano Nagasaki University Japan
PLD-fabricated Nd-Fe-B thick-film magnets deposited on Si substrates


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