Gene. Topi. VII

Tongmin Wang Dalian University of Technology China
Solidification behavior and control of copper alloy
Samuel Choi Niigata University Japan
3D tomographic measurement of interior surface vibrations in thick biological tissuese using multifrequency sweepable optical comb
Shagufta Ishtiaqque University of Karachi Pakistan
Hani Henein University of Alberta Canada
3D analysis of rapidly solidified powders of Al-4.5wt% Cu
Masahiko Kondow Osaka University Japan
Stimulated emission from photonic crystal cavity with AlOx cladding layer
David Lynn Emory University USA
Jung Weon Lee Seoul National University Korea
Mornitoring of metastatic behaviors of cancer cells in 3D extracellular matrix gels
Koichi Yamaguchi University of Electro-Communications Japan
Fabrication of Ultrahigh-Density GaAsSb/InAsSb Quantum Dots and Their Photovoltaic Applications
P. K. Lo City University of Hong Kong China
Photoresponsive DNA Nanomaterials
Jong-in Hahm Georgetown University USA
Fundamental Study of Nanoscale Protein-Polymer Interactions and Potential Contributions to Solid-state Protein Nanoarrays
Hisashi Kitami Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan
Control of the ratio of incident flux of ions to neutral species onto substrates to achieve high-carrier-mobility transparent conductive oxide films deposited by a high-growth-rate Reactive Plasma Deposition
ZULIA ISABEL CAAMAÑO DE ÁVILA Universidad del Atlántico Colombia
Junqing Yan Shaanxi Normal University China
TiO2-based Photocatalysts: Synthesis Strategy and Enhanced Water Splitting Activity
Maya Shankar Singh Banaras Hindu University India
α-Enolic dithioester: A wonderful synthetic module toward diverse heterocyclic scaffolds
Tong Chen Southwest University China
Remote sensing and classification of human stress
Yousuke Ooyama Hiroshima University Japan
Photovoltaic Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Diphenylamino-Carbazole Substituted BODIPY Dyes
Eloi Silva Federal University of Espirito Santo Brazil
Nanoparticles of zinc in membrane of Polyacrilonitrile/Chitosan
M.V.Sangaranarayanan Indian Institute of Technology Madras India
Electrochemical Applications of Conducting Polymers
Mehmet Egilmez American University of Sharjah Arab Emirates
Kutsal Bozkurt Yildiz Technical University Turkey
Fabiano Bernardi Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) Brazil
Synthesis and characterization of CeO2 nanoparticles applied to the CO oxidation reaction
Tasweer Ahmad COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
3D Reconstruction of Archaeological Objects from Underwater Images
T. K. Nath Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur India
Strain Modulated Large Magnetocaloric Effect in Epitaxial Thin film of Sm Based Manganites
Teyu Chien University of Wyoming USA
Many-body interactions at complex oxide interfaces studied by cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy
Amani Al-Othman American University of Sharjah Arab Emirates
Synthesis of Nafion-free nano composite zirconium phosphates membranes for direct hydrocarbon fuel cells
Pradip Paik University of Hyderabad  India
Novel Meso-Porous and Hollow-Polymer Nanocapsules for Drug and gene Delivery and for Cancer Therapy
Sameer Sapra Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India
Charge separation and extraction in semiconductor nanocrystals
Hanan Besisa University of Dammam Saudi Arabia
Amarjeet Kaur University of Delhi India
Modification of graphene oxide for Electromagnetic shielding Organic solar cells
Maria Esther Soares Dal Poz University of Campinas Brazil
Biobased products for energy and biorefineries: innovation markets and global technological trajectories
Hendrik  Heinz University of Colorado-Boulder USA
Understanding molecular recognition and assembly at biological-inorganic interfaces to engineer new functional materials: catalysts, sensors, and biominerals
Nacir Tit United Arab Emirates University United Arab Emirates
Detection of CO2 using Carbon-based Sensors: First-Principle Analysis
Gerhard Eder Johannes Kepler University Austria
On the Existence of Stable Clusters in Polymer Melts: Consequences for Nucleation under Processing Conditions
Chang-Dong Yeo Texas Tech University USA
Molecular Dynamics (MD) Modeling and Simulation to Investigate Bonding Preference of Outgassed Hydrocarbon Molecules to Lubricated and Bare Carbon Surfaces
Ahsanulhaq Qurashi King Fahd University of petroleum and Minerals Dhahran Saudi Arabia
1D Metal oxide Nanoarrays and their applications
Lallan Mishra Banaras Hindu University India
Imane Khalil University of San Diego USA
Modeling  heat transfer in spent fuel assembly for nuclear energy application
Khalid I. Alzebdeh Sultan Qaboos University Oman
Lattice Models in Micro/Nano Mechanics of Materials
Chuan-Jian  Zhong State University of New York at  Binghamton USA
Printable and Flexible Sensors and Energy-Storage Devices
W.G. van der Wiel University of Twente Netherlands
Gon Namkoong Old Dominion University USA
Recombination Dynamics of the Grain Interiors and the Grain Boundaries using Chemically, Spatially and Temporally Resolved 2D Mapping
Yoonchan Jeong Seoul National University Korea
Jani Kotakoski Universität Wien Austria
Leon L. Shaw Illinois Institute of Technology USA
Enhancing the Capacitive Energy Storage of Activated Carbon through Novel Mechanical Activation
Vineet Tirth King Khalid University Saudi Arabia
Challenges and limitations in applications of Metal Matrix Composites in Industry
Michael Tringides Iowa State University USA
Maria Lucia Masson Federal UNiversity of Parana Brazil
Natalia Kochurova St.Peterburg University Russia
Non-Equilibrium Surface Phenomena
Fernanda Poletto Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Brazil
Bioresponsive liquid crystalline nanoparticles
Chi Yen Huang National Changhua University of Education Taiwan
Liquid crystal lens with tunable focal lengths and switchable apetures


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