Gene. Topi. VIII

Sabah Ibrahim Wais University of Duhok Iraq
Plasma corona discharge in wire-to-cylinder geometrical confifugration
Ying Zhao 
Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Novel Biodegradable Magnesium Alloys with Enhanced Osteogenesis, Angiogenesis, and Long-Lasting Antibacterial Effects
Abdul Malik Puthan Peedikakkal King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Saudi Arabia
Highly Connected Rare-Earth Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks for CO2/CH4 Storage
Pascal Jonkheijm University of Twente Netherlands
Molecular engineering of cell-material interfaces
Stuart H. Taylor Cardiff University UK
Supercritical antisolvent precipitation as a flexible route for preparation of heterogeneous catalysts
Zia-ur-Rehman Quaid-i-Azam University Pakistan
Efficient Photocatalytic Conversion of Formic Acid to Hydrogen Gas on CdS Nanorods
Jandro L. Abot Catholic University of America USA
Carbon Nanotube Fibers: Leveraging their Mechanical and Electrical Properties for Sensing in Engineering Applications
Werner Karl Schomburg RWTH Aachen University Germany
Ultrasonic fabrication of microfluidic systems from thermoplastic polymers
Adam khan COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
Carbon Nanotubes as Electromechanical Transducer
Andrew M. Smith University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA
Engineering Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Quantitative Cancer Imaging
Sudipta Bandyopadhyay University of Calcutta India
Nasr Bensalah Qatar University Qatar Carbon
Nanocomposites As New Materials for Capacitive Desalination
Ana Flavia Nogueira University of Campinas Brazil
Ali Hendaoui Alfaisal University Saudi Arabia
Controlling the semiconductor-to-metal transition events in vanadium dioxide thin films towards innovative applications in middle Infrared and THz ranges
Salvatore Zarra Nokia Technologies United Kingdom
Graphene-based inks for printable electronics
Ajay M. Sidpara Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur India
Thiago Valle Franca Sao paulo state university Brazil
Laser assisted grinding of sapphire
Norio Tagawa Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan
Selection of Consecutive Two Frames for Shape from Random Camera Motions
Carlos Alberto Bavastri Federal UNiversity of Parana Brazil
Optimal design on passive vibration control using viscoelastic dynamic absorbers to multi degree-of-freedom linear systems
Dominique Vuillaume Lille University France
Optical and electrical properties
of molecules junctions and networks
Qingchen Dong Taiyuan University of Technology China
Rational Design and Synthesis of Fe3O4@Au-based Bimodal Fluorogenic/Magnetic Resonance Probes for Efficient Bioimaging and Therapy
Elif Orhan Gazi Univeristy Turkey
Anthony Powell University of Reading UK
Thermoelectric Materials for Energy Harvesting from Waste Heat
Brian S. Mitchell Tulane University USA
Large-Scale Manufacturing of Functionalized Metal, Ceramic and Biological Nanoparticles for Material Jetting
Sheila Goncalves do Couto Carvalho Federal University of Goiaz Brazil
Interaction between proteins and membranes by means of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
Pablo Ivan Diaz Riquelme Universidad de La Frontera Chile
Dynamical behavior of Bose-Fermi mixtures
Erik Siavash Lotfi Qatar university Qatar
Diego Carvalho Barbosa Alves Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil
Copper nanoparticles stabilized by reduced graphene oxide as Hybrid material for CO2 reduction reaction
Raed M. Al-Zoubi Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan
Recent Advances on Synthesis and reactivity of 1,2,3-triiodoarenes: Application towards iodinated phenylboronic acids and benzoxaboroles
Jayati Sarkar Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India
Miniaturized pattern formation at soft interfaces
Yoshiyasu Ueno University of Electro-Communications  Japan
Ming Yu University of Louisville USA
Energy landscape and diffusivity of Li atom on phosphorene: a first principle study
Mischa Thesberg Technische Universität Wien Austria
Optimization of nanostructured  thermoelectrics: a theoretical study
Yufridin Bin Wahab Universiti Malaysia Perlis Malaysia
FDTS Nanolayer for Surface Modification of Microfluidic Microstructures
Masao Nagase Tokushima University Japan
Single crystal graphene growth on SiC by infrared rapid thermal annealing
Yiliang Liao University of Nevada USA
Enhanced fatigue performance of metallic materials through thermal engineered laser shock peening
Jeffry Kelber University of North Texas USA
Sanjay Puri Jawaharlal Nehru University India
Surface-directed Spinodal Decomposition
Paulo T. Araujo University of Alabama Brazil
Charles H Patterson Trinity College Dublin Ireland
Au at the Si(111) surface: silicene and Au nanowires probed by optical spectroscopy
Zhili Xiao Northern Illinois University USA
Three-dimensional anisotropy of magnetoresistance in layered material WTe2
Zerihun Assefa North Carolina A&T State University USA
The designing of coordination polymers consisting of transition metals-lanthanide ions for luminescence enhancement
Phillip Choi University of Alberta Canada
Dianxue Cao Harbin engineering university China
Three dimensional nanostructured electrode for electrochemical power sources
Boris Markovsky Bar-Ilan University Israel
Pablo Daniel Astudillo Sanchez University Center of Tonalá, University of Guadalajara Mexico
Analyzing Charge-Transfer Properties of Organic Sensitizer Dyes by Using Cyclic Voltammetry. The Case of Disperse Red 1.
Alok Shukla Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
Theory of Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Graphene Nanodisks
Fan Weijun Nanyang Technological University  Singapore
Electrical and optical properties of GaAsNBi/GaAs quantum wells
Niklas Hedin Stockholm University Sweden
Micro- and mesoporous polymers and their potential use in capture of carbon dioxide
Yu Yang East Carolina University USA
Durable and Efficient Packing Materials for Green Subcritical Water Chromatography
Priscilla Paiva Luz Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo Brazil
D. Darminto Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Indonesia
The development of reduced graphene oxide from green carbon source
Ronaldo Junio de Oliveira Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro Brazil
Structure-Based Potentials: from Protein Folding Landscape Diffusion to Biotechnology Applications of Complex Biomolecules


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