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Katharine Moore Tibbetts Virginia Commonwealth University USA
Controlling the size and shape of uncapped Au nanostructures with femtosecond laser-assisted synthesis
Qi-Huo Wei Kent State University USA
Nikolai Andreevitch Sobolev University of Aveiro Portugal
Magnetoelectric effect in laminates based on bidomain LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 single-crystaline ferroelectrics
Amit Raj Sharma Wright State University USA
Yasuhiro Sugawara Osaka University Japan
Atomic-scale Imaging of Electronic Properties of the Surface by Electrostatic Force Microscopy
Pei Wenli Northeastern University China
Magnetic nanoparticles synthesized by wet chemical method
Sung G Chung Western Michigan University USA
Beat Braem ETH Zurich Switzerland
Local Investigation and Manipulation of Fractional Quantum Hall States using Scanning Gate Microscopy
Q. Jane Wang Northwestern University USA
Saeeda Usman COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
Optimization and Robustness of Computing Systems
Hiroshi Okamoto Hirosaki University Japan
Ifat Kaplan-Ashiri Weizmann Institute of Scienc Israel
SEM beyond imaging – in situ SEM experiments
Maja Remskar Jozef Stefan Institute Slovenia
Molybdenum based nanostructures: wires, tubes, onions, cubes and belts
Md. Monimul Huque Bangladesh University of Engineering & Thechnology Bangladesh
Studies on chemically treated natural fiber reinforced – polypropylene composites
Fredrik  Karlsson Linkoping University Sweden
InGaN quantum dots on GaN micropyramids for polarized photon emission
Hiroshi Fukuoka Hiroshima University Japan
High-pressure synthesis, structures, and properties of germanides of new group 14 elements
Diana Golodnitsky Tel Aviv University Israel
3D-thin film microbatteries
Malek Tabbal American University of Beirut Lebanon
Phase selectivity in the synthesis of manganese oxides by plasma assisted pulsed laser deposition
Ruth Lancheros Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia
PLGA-ALE nanoparticles target and delivery N-acetylcysteine to bone tissue
Masanobu Haraguchi Tokushima University Japan
Tae-Youl Choi University of North Texas USA
Thermal Properties of 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D materials
Noriyoshi Matsumi Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan
Design of crystalline organoboron electrolyte with enhanced lithium ion conduction
Hu-Jong Lee Pohang University of Science and Technology  Korea
Shoko Kume Hiroshima University Japan
Cooperative Electrocatalysis of Molecularly Modified Metallic Surface
Stefan Seeger University of Zurich Swissland
Debajyoti Ghoshal Jadavpur University India
Mixed ligand porous coordination polymers for selective carbon dioxide sequestration
Efrat Lifshitz Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Gustavo Doubek Faculdade de Engenharia Química – Unicamp Brazil
Gufei Zhang Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium
Jin-Ping Ao Tokushima University Japan
Synthesis and application of nickel oxide by reactive sputtering
Yu-Min Yang National Cheng Kung University Taiwan
Development of Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surface (SLIPS) through Biomimicking
Seng Neon Gan University of Malaya Malaya
Yara Galvao Gobato Federal University of São Carlos Brazil
Optical , Magneto-Optical and Spin properties of GaPN  materials
Josep Nogues Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Spain
Multifunctional magnetic and magneto-plasmonic nanoparticles for enhanced hyperthermia applications
Seokhyun Yoon Ewha Womans University South Korea Raman scattering studies of one-dimensional materials
Nobuhiko Nakano Keio University Japan
LSI design for patch clamp measurement system
Abdul Qadeer Malik National University of Sciences and Technology Pakistan
Civil and Military Applications of Energetic Materials
Jianxiong Li South China University of Technology  China
Flexible transparent electrodes based on PEDOT coating synthesized in situ by liquid phase depositional polymerization
Ajit K. Mahapatro University of Delhi India
Bipolar resistive switching in annealed graphene oxide thin film devices
Klaus Muller-Buschbaum University of Würzburg Germany
Luminescent N-functionalized MOFs and Coordination Networks for Novel Sensing Applications and Lighting
Manohar Kumar Aalto University Finland
Breakdown of the quantum Hall effect in graphene: Low frequency studies
Thomas Tybel Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
Takefumi Kamioka Toyota Technological Institute Japan
Next generation of high-efficient heterojunction crystalline silicon solar cells
Rocio Yanes Diaz Universität Konstanz Germany
Searching for Exchange Bias: a multi-scale approach
John Gibbs Northern Arizona University USA
Francisco Gontad Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Italy
Dipak K. Goswami Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur India
Effect of tri-layer dielectric system on the stability and performance of organic field-effect transistors
Julio Cesar Mondragon Trochez Universidad del Atlantico Colombia
Improving mechanical properties of Heusler alloys by sustitution and thermal proccess
Ananth Krishnan Indian Institute of Technology Madras India
Yew San Hor Missouri University of Science and Technology USA
Superconductivity and magnetism in 3D topological materials
Nikolai Perov Lomonosov Moscow State University Russia
Ferromagnetic nanoparticles in topochemical transformations
Jwohuei Jou National Tsing Hua University Taiwan
Good light based on candlelight OLED
Pragati Thakur Savitribai Phule Pune University India
Carbon based materials and their photocatalytic applications in energy and environment
Bing Yan Shandong University China
Jean-Marie Basset King Abdullah University of Science & Technology Saudi Arabia
Andreas Fissel University Hannover Germany
Si-based twinning superlattices on atomically flat mesas: Epitaxial growth and electrical characterization
Hong Li Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Void shrinking and interfacial grain boundary migration in the diffusion bonding of 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV steel
Xianfang Zhu Xiamen University China
Concepts in Nanosize and Nanotime: Fundamentals and Applications


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