Saverio Russo University of Exeter UK
Novel Highly Conductive and Transparent Graphene-Based Conductors
Kibog Park Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
Epitaxial Graphene Grown on Hexagonal SiC at Reduced Temperature with Mo-Plate Capping: Crystallinity and Carrier Transport
Taiichi Otsuji Tohoku University Japan
Graphene-based van der Waals 2D heterostructures for terahertz device applications
Yu-Shu Wu National Tsing-Hua Uinversity Taiwan
Theoretical study of all-electrical valley filters in bilayer graphene
Hiroshi Mizuta Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan
Graphene nano-electro-mechanical (NEM) devices for advanced switches and sensors
Dai Soo Lee Chonbuk National University Korea
Characteristics of polyurethane nanocomposites prepared from thermoplastic polyurethane and graphene nanoplates
Zexiang Shen Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
Taloring graphene for applications in nanoelectronics and energy storage
Jieshan Qiu Dalian University of Technology China
Functionalization and assembly of Graphene materials for energy storage
I-Ling Chang National Cheng Kung University Taiwan
The molecular mechanics study on directional dependence of mechanical properties for graphene
Min Wang Hefei University of Technology China
Graphene- and graphene hybrids-based photodetectors
Diego Carvalho Barbosa Alves Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil
Copper nanoparticles stabilized by reduced graphene oxide as Hybrid material for CO2 reduction reaction
Salvatore Zarra Nokia Technologies United Kingdom
Graphene-based inks for printable electronics
Monica Craciun University of Exeter UK
High quality graphene for advanced applications
Dechang Jia Harbin Institute of Technology China
In-situ preparation of graphene/geopolymer and graphene/leucite composites through graphene oxide reduction by alkaline solution and high-temperature treatment
Masao Nagase Tokushima University Japan
Single crystal graphene growth on SiC by infrared rapid thermal annealing
Manohar Kumar Aalto University Finland
Breakdown of the quantum Hall effect in graphene: Low frequency studies
Alok Shukla Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
Theory of Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Graphene Nanodisks
D. Darminto Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Indonesia
The development of reduced graphene oxide from green carbon source
Michael Tringides Iowa State University USA
The growth modes of metals on graphene for metal contacts


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