Inv. Speakers

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Specific session titles are going to be determined after the abstract deadline.


Sessions are going to be organized in terms of relative topics.
CC3DMR will run parallel sessions simultaneously. In this manner, participants would have choice of topics. Programs including author list and dates will be available when reaching the conference.


[Session Program of Collaborative Conference on 3D & materials Research 2015]

[Session Program of Collaborative Conference on 3D & materials Research 2014]

[Session Program of Collaborative Conference on 3D & materials Research 2013]

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[Session Program of Collaborative Conference on 3D & materials Research 2011]


Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Leon L. Shaw Illinois Institute of Technology USA
Enhancing the Capacitive Energy Storage of Activated Carbon through Novel Mechanical Activation
Hong Wang Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Analysis of High-k ZrO2 on AlGaN and GaN
Seong Jin Koh University of Texas at Arlington USA
Cold-Electron Transport at Room Temperature: Toward Ultralow Energy Consumption Electronics
Masaki Nakano Nagasaki University Japan
PLD-fabricated Nd-Fe-B thick-film magnets deposited on Si substrates
Fernanda Poletto Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Brazil
Bioresponsive liquid crystalline nanoparticles
Vineet Tirth King Khalid University Saudi Arabia
Challenges and limitations in applications of Metal Matrix Composites in Industry
Phillip Choi University of Alberta Canada
Dianxue Cao Harbin engineering university China
Three dimensional nanostructured electrode for electrochemical power sources
Boris Markovsky Bar-Ilan University Israel
Pablo Daniel Astudillo Sanchez University Center of Tonalá, University of Guadalajara Mexico
Analyzing Charge-Transfer Properties of Organic Sensitizer Dyes by Using Cyclic Voltammetry. The Case of Disperse Red 1.
Alok Shukla Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
Theory of Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Graphene Nanodisks
Chi Yen Huang National Changhua University of Education Taiwan
Liquid crystal lens with tunable focal lengths and switchable apetures
Maria Lucia Masson Federal UNiversity of Parana Brazil
Fan Weijun Nanyang Technological University  Singapore
Electrical and optical properties of GaAsNBi/GaAs quantum wells
Niklas Hedin Stockholm University Sweden
Micro- and mesoporous polymers and their potential use in capture of carbon dioxide
Yu Yang East Carolina University USA
Durable and Efficient Packing Materials for Green Subcritical Water Chromatography
Priscilla Paiva Luz Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo Brazil
D. Darminto Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Indonesia
The development of reduced graphene oxide from green carbon source
Ronaldo Junio de Oliveira Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro Brazil
Structure-Based Potentials: from Protein Folding Landscape Diffusion to Biotechnology Applications of Complex Biomolecules
Gon Namkoong Old Dominion University USA
Yoonchan Jeong Seoul National University Korea
Jani Kotakoski Universität Wien Austria
Michael Tringides Iowa State University USA
Recombination Dynamics of the Grain Interiors and the Grain Boundaries using Chemically, Spatially and Temporally Resolved 2D Mapping
Satoshi Okuma 
Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Non-equilibrium Transitions in Driven Vortex Matter of Amorphous Superconducting Films
Weijie Lu Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Masayuki Hashisaka Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Fractional quasiparticles in a local quantum Hall system
Zhang Qichun Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Anis Haque University of Calgary Canada
Shuzi Hayase Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan
Photoenergy conversion systems and materials for the next generation solar cells
E Rusli Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Feng Shi Beijing University of Chemical Technology China
Precise Macroscopic Supramolecular Assembly and Applications
Ching-Ting Lee National Cheng-Kung University Taiwan
Michael F. Herman Tulane University USA
Semiclassical methods for modeling tunneling and non-adiabatic transitions
YuHuang Wang University of Maryland USA
Philip Pong University of Hong Kong China
Spintronic Sensors, Internet of Things, and Smart Living
Lambertus Hesselink Stanford University USA
Jianhong XU Tsinghua University China
Multiphase microfluidics for functional materials preparation
Tsofar Maniv Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) Israel
Tien-Lung Chiu Yuan Ze University Taiwan
The effects of electron transporting layer on organic light emitting device
Takeharu Haino Hiroshima University Japan
Supramolecular Assembly with Unique Function
Fei Zeng Tsinghua University China
Ion dependent frequency filtering and learning of semiconducting polymer/electrolyte composite
Minoru Sasaki Toyota Technological Institute Japan
3D photolithography and devices based on the resist spray coating and exposure technique
ZhiJun Liu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Song-You Hong Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems Korea
A new atmospheric model with a cubed-sphere grid for numerical weather prediction
Yingwei Zhang Beijing University of Chemical Technology China
Constructing Multiplexed DNA pattern by combining precise magnetic manipulation and DNA-driven assembly
Masayoshi HIGUCHI National Institute for Materials Science Japan
Electrochromic devices with metallo-supramolecular polymer films
Bingwu Wang Peking University China
Junjie Qi University of Science & Technology Beijing China
Piezotronic Effect for Interface Engineering and Property Modulation of Nanodevices
Mao Sui Kwangwoon University South Korea
Tuning the Configuration of Au Nanostructures: From Vermiform, Hexagon and Triangles to Round Shapes on c-plane GaN
Kengo Shimanoe Kyushu University Japan
New development of receptor function on semiconductor gas sensors
Jian-Hua Jiang Soochow University China
Linear and Nonlinear Thrmoelectricity with coupling to heat baths
Xue Jiang Dalian University of Technology China
Bottom-up design of 2D organic photocatalysts for visible-light driven hydrogen evolution
Kensuke Naka Kyoto Institute of Technology Japan
Element-Block Polymers Based on T8-caged Silsesquioxanes
Juan Wu Mcmaster University Canada
3D chemical imaging on PEM fuel cell cathodes and other materials by Scaning Transmission X-ray Microscopy
Shohei Watabe Tokyo University of Science Japan
Many-body theory of an interacting Bose-Einstein condensate at finite temperatures
Johann Faccelo Osma Cruz Universidad de los Andes Colombia
Jens Bauer Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
Developing High-Strength and Low-Weight Mechanical Metamaterials
Aylin Aytac Gazi University Turkey
Najeeb-ur-Rehman COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
Optimization of Atomic Oxygen Density in Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
Joseph Poon University of Virginia USA
Yamato Hayashi Tohoku university Japan
Fabrication and Application of  Flexible Silver Nanowire Transparent Conductive films by Organic Precursor Painting Reduction Method
Noaman Ul-Haq COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
Fabrication of Biocampatible Alginate/Magnetic Nanoparticles Composites for Drug Delivery
Qing-Hua Xu National University of Singapore Singapore
Aggregation enhanced two-photon photoluminescence  of metal nanoparticles for biomedical applications
Masatomo Yashima Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Precise Structure Analysis of Materials for Energy and Environment, and New Material Exploration-Structure analysis of bioceramics
Asif Mahmood King Saud University Saudi Arabia
Enhancement of Catalytic Activity of Au/TiO2 catalyst by Thermal and Plasma Treatment for CO Oxidation
Stewart Barnes University of Miami USA
Yasufumi Enami Kochi University of Technology Japan
Adam Frank University of Rochester USA
Ganesh Balakrishnan University of New Mexico Mexico
InAs Quantum Dot based optically pumped high power vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers
Andrea Li Bassi Politecnico di Milano Italy
Masaharu Oshima University of Tokyo Japan
Electronic structure of Lithium ion battery cathode materials and its application
Reshef Tenne Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
Hongbo Guo BeiHang University China
Ming-Yu Li Kwangwoon University South Korea
Systematic Control of Configuration, Size and Density of Self-assembled Au Nanostructures on 4H-SiC (0001)
Andrew Grimsdale Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Kibog Park Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
Epitaxial Graphene Grown on Hexagonal SiC at Reduced Temperature with Mo-Plate Capping: Crystallinity and Carrier Transport
Axel Enders University of Nebraska–Lincoln USA
Kohei  SOGA Tokyo University of Science Japan
Application of Rare-Earth Doped Ceramics for Transparent Imaging Devices
Ho Cheuk-Lam Hong Kong Baptist University China
Functional materials for energy conversion
Yu-Shu Wu National Tsing-Hua Uinversity Taiwan
Theoretical study of all-electrical valley filters in bilayer graphene
Wen-Yong LAI Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications China
Marco Rolandi University of Washington USA
Sung Kyu Ha Hanyang University Korea
Light weight and High Performance Composites for Automotive Industry
Hiroshi Mizuta Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan
Graphene nano-electro-mechanical (NEM) devices for advanced switches and sensors
Junichi Kurawaki Kagoshima University Japan
Development of novel synthetic method of glucose-binding silver nanoparticles and biosensing applications
Zexiang Shen Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
Taloring graphene for applications in nanoelectronics and energy storage
Sung Ho Cho Hanyang University Korea
Applications of IR-UWB Radar Sensors
Thirumany Sritharan Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Pure Iron Pyrite (FeS2) as a photon absorber in photovoltaic systems – an analysis
HuiChi Chen Fu Jen Catholic University Taiwan
Three-dimesional holographic optical tweezers
Qiuyun Fu Huazhong University of Science and Technology China
Gas film sensors from quantum dots
Victor Ryzhii Tohoku University Japan
Terahertz lasers and detectors: Concepts and challenges
Yuanfei Han Shanghai Jiaotong University China
Fabrication and characterization of laminated Ti-(TiB+La2O3)/Ti composite
Puran Pandey Kwangwoon University South Korea
Shape transformation of self-assembled Au nanoparticles by the systematic control of deposition amount on Sapphire
Masaru Aniya Kumamoto University Japan
Ionic conductors and relaxation phenomena in disordered materials
Jieshan Qiu Dalian University of Technology China
Fabrication of 3D Functional Carbon Materials with Tuned Structure and Excellent Energy Storage Capability
Sirikalaya Suvachittanont Kasetsart University Thailand
Giwan Yoon Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology  South Korea
Piezoelectric ZnO Thin Films and Their Application for Micro Energy Harvesting Devices
Osamu Matoba Kobe University Japan
Digital holographic applications for bioimaging and industrial measurement
Abdel Hadi Kassiba CNRS University du Maine France
Insights on Nanostructured semiconduting oxides for photocatalytic applications
Yongmei Zheng Beihang University China
Hiroshi Watanabe National Chiao Tung Univercity Taiwan
Practical modeling of nano dot(s) in three dimensional device simulation
Yun Yan Peking University China
Electrostatic self-assembly: possibilties to retain the porphyrin monomer properties in aggregates
Yingying Zong Harbin Institute of Technology China
Loreto Valenzuela  Roediger Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Chile
Weihua Tang Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications China
Epitaxial growth and solar-blind photoelectric properties of novel ultrawide band gap semiconductor Ga2O3 thin films
Rolf Lortz Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China
Large gap, a pseudogap and proximity effect in the Bi2Te3/Fe1+yTe interfacial superconductor
Shlomo Berger Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Formation and Characterization of Dielectric nano-Crystals for Highly Sensitive Pyroelectric Thermal Detectors
Li Juan Nankai University China
Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite TFT
Jer-Chyi Wang Chang Gung University Taiwan
Noritaka SAITO Kyushu University  Japan
Joining of Ultra High Temperature Ceramics using Metallic Interlayer
Salvador Pané i Vidal Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich  Switzerland
Magnetically Guided Micro- and Nanomachines
Yasushi Morita Aichi Institute of Technology Japan
Molecular Spin Battery Composed of Air-stable Neutral Radicals and Graphite
Hyoun Woo Kim Hanyang University Korea
Promotion of acceptor formation in SnO2 nanowires by e-beam bombardment and impacts to sensor application
Xucai Yu University of electronic Science and Technology of China China
Breakthrough bottleneck in real time industry optical profile inspection
Lei XU Chinese University of Hong Kong China
Kinetic pathways of homogeneous nucleation in colloidal crystallization
Jim P. Zheng Florida A&M University USA
Eleanor Campbell University of Edinburgh UK
Carbon aerogels for gas separation or storage
Nam Kim Chungbuk National University  Korea
Antoine Reserbat-Plantey Institute of Photonic Sciences Spain
Optomechanics with 2D membranes : a new tool to probe light-matter interactions at the nanoscale
Han-Yong Jeon Inha University Korea
Toshihiro Nakamura Osaka Electro-Communication University Japan
Yo Sung Ho Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Korea
Tetsuya Yamamoto Kochi University of Technology Japan
High-Hall-mobility transparent conductive oxide films: Key factors limiting carrier transport
Hee-Woo Lee Sogang University  Korea
Innovation in nanocomposite membranes for PEMFC
Fligh Lee Inlife-handnet Co. Ltd. China
Takeo Hyodo Nagasaki University Japan
Development of gas sensors by utilizing well-developed porous materials
Fligh Lee Inlife-handnet Co. Ltd China
Akira Ishibashi Hokkaido University Japan
Multi-striped Orthogonal Photon-Photocarrier-Propagation Solar Cells
Guosong Wu City University of Hong Kong China
Recent Progress in Surface Modification of Magnesium Alloys
Fujino Tatsuya Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan
Kok-Keong Chong Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia
Report on research and development of dense-array concentrator photovoltaic system using non-imaging optical system
Akira Yamakata Toyota Technological Institute Japan
Behaviors of Photogenerated Charge Carriers in SrTiO3 Photocatalysts Studied by Time-Resolved Absorption Spectroscopy
Guy Makov Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Israel
Yonggang Zhao Tsinghua University China
Electric-field control of magnetism in ferromagnetic/ferroelectric multiferroic heterostructures
Amartya Mukhopadhyay IIT Bombay India
Xuhui Sun Soochow University China
Hematite nanostructures for high efficient solar water splitting
Serena Corr University of Glasgow UK
Probing structure and dynamics of nanoparticles for energy applications
Oleg V. Levin Saint-Petersburg State University Russia
Electrode materials based on polymeric complexes of the transition metals with the Schiff bases
Hasan AL Dabbas Philadelphia University Jordan
Archita Patnaik Indian Institute of Technology Madras India
Intermolecular Proton Switching’ Coupled Electron Transfer across ‘Nanogold – Metal Organic Molecular Wire Junction: Insights on Irreversible Seed-mediated Nanoparticle Aggregation
Osman Bakr King Abdullah University of Science & Technology Saudi Arabia
Kai Huang Xiamen University China
Surface plasmon enhanced Deep UV light emitting diodes
Lawrence YoonSuk Lee Hong Kong Polytechnic University China
Photocatalytic applications of Cu2ZnSnS4 and Cu2FeSnS4 nanoparticles and their core/shell nanostructures
Tooru Tanaka Saga University Japan
ZnTeO-based multiple band gap semiconductors for intermediate band solar cells
Feo Kusmartsev Loughborough University UK
Gyungsu Byun Southern Methodist University
3D synchronous interface design for 3D stacked devices
Jeong-wan Kim Incheon National University Korea
Preparation of Anti-Oxidant Nanobiomaterials Using Solution Plasma Processes
Taiichi Otsuji Tohoku University Japan
Graphene-based van der Waals 2D heterostructures for terahertz device applications
Mujtaba Ellahi University Of Karachi Pakistan
Preparation of PDLC films (Smart glass) using Trimethanolamine (TMA) catalyst via heat curing PIPS method
Louisa Meshi Ben Gurion University of the Negev Israel
Usage of novel electron diffraction methods for characterization of the structure of minority phases crystallizing in complex metallic alloys
Yilong HAN Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China
Melting and premelting of colloidal crystals
Ophelia Tsui Boston University USA
Peiheng Zhou University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Thermal radiation of selectively infrared emitting metamaterial
Shi-Ai Xu East China University of Science and Technology China
Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(imide-benzimidazole)s for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Li-Hsin Chan National Chi Nan University Taiwan
Effect of Side Chains on Photovoltaic Performance of Two-Dimensional Conjugated Copolymers
Zonghoon Lee Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology Korea
Atomic-scale Dynamics of Defect Formation in 2D Materials
Lallan Mishra Banaras Hindu University India
Imane Khalil University of San Diego USA
Modeling  heat transfer in spent fuel assembly for nuclear energy application
Yoichi Okimoto Tokyo institute of technology Japan
Photo-excited states in oxide materials
Vladimir Saveljev Korea Institute of Science and Technology  Korea
The controllable moire effect
M. Saif Islam University of California Davis USA
Priya Vashishta University of Southern California USA
Reactive Nanosystems: Billion Atom Reactive and Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Peiheng Zhou University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Thermal radiation of selectively infrared emitting metamaterial
Beng Ong Hong Kong Baptist University  China
Recent Progress in Polymer Semiconductors for Printed Transistors
Mao-Kuen Kuo National Taiwan University Taiwan
Jhinhwan Lee Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Korea
Spin polarized STM study of novel magnetic properties of perovskite layer in contact with iron based superconductor
Hyo-Jick Choi University of Alberta Canada
pH-sensitive microcapsules for targeted influenza oral vaccines
Dai Soo Lee Chonbuk National University Korea
Characteristics of polyurethane nanocomposites prepared from thermoplastic polyurethane and graphene nanoplates
Yaron Amouyal Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Kenji Shiraishi Nagoya University Japan
Theoretical Studies on Future Power Devices: principles of future SiC and GaN power device by using first principles calculations
Liqiang Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Microstructural characteristics and mechanical properties of biomedical titanium alloy during friction stir processing
Jia Grace Lu University of Southern California USA
Haihua Cui Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics China
The calibration method for variable scale 3D measurement syste
Tamaki Nakano Hokkaido University Japan
Chirality induction to various molecules by circularly polarized light
Priyadarshi Ranjan Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
George Barbastathis Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
Computational 3D image formation
Yusheng Shi Huazhong University of Science & Technology China
Kenta Arima Osaka University Japan
Segregation of ions in deliquesced droplets of alkali halide nanocrystals on SiO2
Hani E. Elsayed-Ali Old Dominion University USA
Ultrafast electron diffraction studies of lattice dynamics of femtosecond laser-excited bismuth and antimony nanoparticles and thin films
Deeb Taher University of jordan Jordan
Heterocyclic Ferrocenyl Carboselenolates: Synthesis, Solid-State Structure and Electrochemical Investigations
Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam Delft University of Technology Netherlands
Bjorn K. Alsberg Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
Efficient development of new solar cell materials using evolutionary de novo design and machine learning
Lain-Jong Li King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Saudi Arabia
Heterostructures of two-dimensional materials and their potential applications
Saket Asthana Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad India
WANG Shijie Institute of Materials Research and Engineering Singapore
Wafer-scale 2D MoS2 growth and device fabrication
Abhik Choudhury Indian Institute of Science Bangalore India
H. Peter Lu Bowling Green State University USA
Single-molecule interfacial electron transfer at molecule-semiconductor solar energy conversion systems
Abdulaziz S. Alaboodi Qassim University Saudi Arabia
Investigation on the effect of porosity size to the mechanical properties on different materials
Qiang Wang Northeastern University China
High magnetic field controlled structure evolution and magnetic properties of the Ni-Fe nano-films
I-Ling Chang National Cheng Kung University Taiwan
The molecular mechanics study on directional dependence of mechanical properties for graphene
Yong Hyub Won Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Korea
Multiview 3D display using verifocal lenticular liquid lens array
Ng Eng Poh Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
Lihua Qian Huazhong University of Science and Technology China
Tailoring and characterizing the nanoscale gaps in nanoparticle monolayer
Jian-Gan Wang Northwestern Polytechnical University China
One-Dimentional Heterostructures for Energy Storage
Michael Vershinin University of Utah USA
Holography-based assembly of nano-scale cytoskeletal networks
Guang Li Donghua University China
Electrospun nanofiber composites of biodegradable polymer/pearl powder for bone repairing
Hirofumi Tanaka Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan
Reproducing biobody signals by electric nanodevices for Intelligence Generation in Nanoarchitecture
Chia-Jyi Liu Natioal Changhua University of Education Taiwan
Minbo Lan East China University of Science and Technology China
Micro/Nanomaterials Based Inkjet Printed Electrodes for Electrochemical Sensing Applications
Helena Van Swygenhoven-Moens École Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne Swissland
3D nanoporous microstructures and their mechanical behaviour: experiments and simulations
Hiroyuki Takagi Toyohashi University of Technology Japan
Magneto-optic three-dimensional display composed of artificial magnetic lattice
Min Wang Hefei University of Technology China
Graphene- and graphene hybrids-based photodetectors
Jacqueline M. Cole University of Cambridge UK
Molecular Engineering of Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Yonglai Lu Beijing University of Chemical Technology China
Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Rubber Composites and Their Promising Application in High Performance Tires
Yasufumi Fujiwara Osaka University Japan
Towards highly efficient wavelength-stable red light-emitting diodes using Eu-doped GaN
Huizhen Wu Zhejiang University China
CdTe/PbTe heterostructure: A new two dimensional system
Yongli Gao University of Rochester USA
Sim Yoke Leng Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia
Utilization of Nanoporous Biomaterials in Biological System
Yoav Eichen Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Keyu Xie Northwestern Polytechnical University  China
Novel Layered Compounds for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Weijie Lu Shanghai Jiaotong University China
Fabrication and characterization of laminated Ti-(TiB+La2O3)/Ti composite
Jun Yan University of Massachusetts Amherst USA
Highly sensitive graphene THz detectors
Jong-Soo Rhyee Kyung Hee University Korea
Intrinsic Low Dimensionality and Interface Effect in Thermoelectric Materials
Masato Sone Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Nanoscale Wiring by Cu Electrodeposition in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Emulsified Electrolyte toward 3D Integrated Circuits
Yumin Hou Peking University China
Interaction of magnetic resonators in a metamaterial
Norio Kawakami Kyoto University Japan
Many-body proximity effects in f-electron superlattices
Edward  Rosenberg University of Montana USA
Transition Metal Complexes Immobilized on Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials for Metal Sensing and Catalysis
Young L. Kim Purdue University USA
Biogenic light trapping in natural fibers toward scalable photocatalysis
Yang Yang University of Central Florida USA
Nanoengineered Films for Renewable Energy Generation
Dechang Jia Harbin Institute of Technology China
In-situ preparation of graphene/geopolymer and graphene/leucite composites through graphene oxide reduction by alkaline solution and high-temperature treatment
Mohammed Bakr Jazan University Saudi Arabia
Signature of charge density wave formation in underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+x observed in Raman (light) scattering study
Edgar Knobloch University of California at Berkeley USA
Formation of quasicrystals in quenched soft-core particle systems
Ruqiang Zou Peking University China
Metal-organic framework based materials for energy storage and conversion
Masahiko Higuchi Shinshu University Japan
Energy band structures of the crystalline silicon immersed in the magnetic field
Ki Wook Kim North Carolina State University USA
Katsuhiko Higuchi Hiroshima University Japan
Pair-Density Functional Theory for Superconductors
Ching-Ling Hsu Chung Yuan Christian University Taiwan
Temperature-dependent morphology of annealed gold films on silicon surfaces
Hiromitsu Takaba Kogakuin University Japan
Modeling of Anode Catalyst in PMEFC using Informatics Integrated Computational Chemistry
Alexander Brown University of Alberta Canada
Molecular pre-cursors for materials chemistry and phosphorescent molecules: Computational Investigations
Yoshiyasu Ueno National University of Electro-Communications Japan
Precisely controlled few-picosecond 40-GHz-repetition clock pulses and their optical frequency comb spectra generated by universally designed milimeter-sized semiconductor-based all-optical gate with positive optical feedback, without three-dimentionally localized nonlinear saturable absorber
You Wang Harbin Institute of Technology China
New alloys and ceramic materials for 3D printing
Tingli Ma Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan
Development of nanomaterials for Dye-sensitized and Perovskite solar cells
M. Senthil Kumar Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
Magnetotransport properties of metal-semiconductor multilayers and thin films
Tae Geun Kim Korea University Korea
Glass-based transparent electrode: its application to visible-to-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes
Saverio Russo University of Exeter UK
Novel Highly Conductive and Transparent Graphene-Based Conductors
Hooman Mohseni Northwestern University USA
Novel micro optics and detectors for multi aperture 3D infrared imagers
Priyadarshi Ranjan Weizmann Institute of Science Israel
Evolving new and hybrid materials using WS2 nanotubes and their functionalities
Jing Li Xiamen University China
Three-Dimensional Si-Based Composite Nanorods Array Applied in Energy Storage System
Masashi Hasegawa Nagoya University Japan
High pressure synthesis, bonding nature and electronic structure of nitrogen-rich binary transition metal nitrides
Shengjun Yuan Radboud University Netherlands
Mesoscopic modeling of graphene and other 2D materials
Chiko OTANI RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics Japan
Broadband terahertz-IR-visible spectroscopy of organic polymer PEDOT:PSS
Hee Yeon Cho Loyola University Chicago USA
Airton Goncalves Salles, Jr. State University of Campinas Brazil
From a Self-organizing Chemical Assembly Line to Systems Chemistry and Beyond
Tetsuo Tsuchiya National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  Japan
Preparation of oxide thin films by ELAMOD for the flexible electronics
Miryana Hemadi University Paris Diderot France
Functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for drug targeting and heavy metals decontamination
Hikmat S. Hilal An-Najah National University Palestine
Novel nano-film electrodes with high photoelectrochemical efficiency and stability
Danilo Mustafa University of São Paulo Brazil
Self-Assembled Nanotubular Layered Double Hydroxides with Tunable Photoluminescence
Aliaksandr Bandarenka Technical University Munich Germany
Design of improved electrocatalysts for energy provision
Jian-Hua Jiang School of Physical Science and Technology Soochow University China
Linear and Nonlinear Thrmoelectricity with coupling to heat baths
Pravin Walke University of Mumbai India
3D nano and micro scale carbon based materials for energy storage application
Ghazanfar Abbas COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
Electrochemical Study of Nano-composite Anode for Energy Conversion Applications (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell)
Tongmin Wang Dalian University of Technology China
Solidification behavior and control of copper alloy
Samuel Choi Niigata University Japan
3D tomographic measurement of interior surface vibrations in thick biological tissuese using multifrequency sweepable optical comb
Shagufta Ishtiaqque University of Karachi Pakistan
Hani Henein University of Alberta Canada
3D analysis of rapidly solidified powders of Al-4.5wt% Cu
Masahiko Kondow Osaka University Japan
Stimulated emission from photonic crystal cavity with AlOx cladding layer
David Lynn Emory University USA
Jung Weon Lee Seoul National University Korea
Mornitoring of metastatic behaviors of cancer cells in 3D extracellular matrix gels
Koichi Yamaguchi University of Electro-Communications Japan
Fabrication of Ultrahigh-Density GaAsSb/InAsSb Quantum Dots and Their Photovoltaic Applications
P. K. Lo City University of Hong Kong China
Photoresponsive DNA Nanomaterials
Jong-in Hahm Georgetown University USA
Fundamental Study of Nanoscale Protein-Polymer Interactions and Potential Contributions to Solid-state Protein Nanoarrays
Hisashi Kitami Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan
Control of the ratio of incident flux of ions to neutral species onto substrates to achieve high-carrier-mobility transparent conductive oxide films deposited by a high-growth-rate Reactive Plasma Deposition
ZULIA ISABEL CAAMAÑO DE ÁVILA Universidad del Atlántico Colombia
Junqing Yan Shaanxi Normal University China
TiO2-based Photocatalysts: Synthesis Strategy and Enhanced Water Splitting Activity
Maya Shankar Singh Banaras Hindu University India
α-Enolic dithioester: A wonderful synthetic module toward diverse heterocyclic scaffolds
Tong Chen Southwest University China
Remote sensing and classification of human stress
Yousuke Ooyama Hiroshima University Japan
Photovoltaic Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Diphenylamino-Carbazole Substituted BODIPY Dyes
Eloi Silva Federal University of Espirito Santo Brazil
Nanoparticles of zinc in membrane of Polyacrilonitrile/Chitosan
M.V.Sangaranarayanan Indian Institute of Technology Madras India
Electrochemical Applications of Conducting Polymers
Mehmet Egilmez American University of Sharjah Arab Emirates
Kutsal Bozkurt Yildiz Technical University Turkey
Fabiano Bernardi Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) Brazil
Synthesis and characterization of CeO2 nanoparticles applied to the CO oxidation reaction
Tasweer Ahmad COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
3D Reconstruction of Archaeological Objects from Underwater Images
T. K. Nath Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur India
Strain Modulated Large Magnetocaloric Effect in Epitaxial Thin film of Sm Based Manganites
Teyu Chien University of Wyoming USA
Many-body interactions at complex oxide interfaces studied by cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy
Amani Al-Othman American University of Sharjah Arab Emirates
Synthesis of Nafion-free nano composite zirconium phosphates membranes for direct hydrocarbon fuel cells
Pradip Paik University of Hyderabad  India
Novel Meso-Porous and Hollow-Polymer Nanocapsules for Drug and gene Delivery and for Cancer Therapy
Sameer Sapra Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India
Charge separation and extraction in semiconductor nanocrystals
Hanan Besisa University of Dammam Saudi Arabia
Amarjeet Kaur University of Delhi India
Modification of graphene oxide for Electromagnetic shielding Organic solar cells
Maria Esther Soares Dal  Poz University of Campinas Brazil
Biobased products for energy and biorefineries: innovation markets and global technological trajectories
Sabah Ibrahim Wais University of Duhok Iraq
Plasma corona discharge in wire-to-cylinder geometrical confifugration
Ying Zhao Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Novel Biodegradable Magnesium Alloys with Enhanced Osteogenesis, Angiogenesis, and Long-Lasting Antibacterial Effects
Abdul Malik Puthan Peedikakkal King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Saudi Arabia
Highly Connected Rare-Earth Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks for CO2/CH4 Storage
Pascal Jonkheijm University of Twente Netherlands
Molecular engineering of cell-material interfaces
Stuart H. Taylor Cardiff University UK
Supercritical antisolvent precipitation as a flexible route for preparation of heterogeneous catalysts
Zia-ur-Rehman Quaid-i-Azam University Pakistan
Efficient Photocatalytic Conversion of Formic Acid to Hydrogen Gas on CdS Nanorods
Jandro L. Abot Catholic University of America USA
Carbon Nanotube Fibers: Leveraging their Mechanical and Electrical Properties for Sensing in Engineering Applications
Werner Karl Schomburg RWTH Aachen University Germany
Ultrasonic fabrication of microfluidic systems from thermoplastic polymers
Adam khan COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
Carbon Nanotubes as Electromechanical Transducer
Andrew M. Smith University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA
Engineering Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Quantitative Cancer Imaging
Sudipta Bandyopadhyay University of Calcutta India
Nasr Bensalah Qatar University Qatar Carbon
Nanocomposites As New Materials for Capacitive Desalination
Ana Flavia Nogueira University of Campinas Brazil
Ali Hendaoui Alfaisal University Saudi Arabia
Controlling the semiconductor-to-metal transition events in vanadium dioxide thin films towards innovative applications in middle Infrared and THz ranges
Salvatore Zarra Nokia Technologies United Kingdom
Graphene-based inks for printable electronics
Ajay M. Sidpara Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur India
Thiago Valle Franca Sao paulo state university Brazil
Laser assisted grinding of sapphire
Norio Tagawa Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan
Selection of Consecutive Two Frames for Shape from Random Camera Motions
Carlos Alberto Bavastri Federal UNiversity of Parana Brazil
Optimal design on passive vibration control using viscoelastic dynamic absorbers to multi degree-of-freedom linear systems
Dominique Vuillaume Lille University France
Optical and electrical properties
of molecules junctions and networks
Qingchen Dong Taiyuan University of Technology China
Rational Design and Synthesis of Fe3O4@Au-based Bimodal Fluorogenic/Magnetic Resonance Probes for Efficient Bioimaging and Therapy
Elif Orhan Gazi Univeristy Turkey
Anthony Powell University of Reading UK
Thermoelectric Materials for Energy Harvesting from Waste Heat
Brian S. Mitchell Tulane University USA
Large-Scale Manufacturing of Functionalized Metal, Ceramic and Biological Nanoparticles for Material Jetting
Sheila Goncalves do Couto Carvalho Federal University of Goiaz Brazil
Interaction between proteins and membranes by means of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
Pablo Ivan Diaz Riquelme Universidad de La Frontera Chile
Dynamical behavior of Bose-Fermi mixtures
Erik Siavash Lotfi Qatar university Qatar
Diego Carvalho Barbosa Alves Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil
Copper nanoparticles stabilized by reduced graphene oxide as Hybrid material for CO2 reduction reaction
Raed M. Al-Zoubi Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan
Recent Advances on Synthesis and reactivity of 1,2,3-triiodoarenes: Application towards iodinated phenylboronic acids and benzoxaboroles
Jayati Sarkar Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India
Miniaturized pattern formation at soft interfaces
Koichi Ichimura Hokkaido University Japan
Charge disproportionation state in organic conductors
Yanxia Cui Taiyuan University of Technology China
Plasmonic Nanoscience and its Applications in Organic Electronics
Kyeong-Sik Min Kookmin University Korea
Isao Watanabe RIKEN Japan
muSR study on magnetic properties of pyrocholore irridates
Rebecca Cheung  University of Edinburgh UK
Micro-resonator devices and systems
Wang-Kong Tse University of Alabama USA
Magneto-Optical Effects in Topological Insulators and Graphene Layered Systems
Oomman K. Varghese University of Houston USA
Chris Marrows University of Leeds UK
Chiral magnetism and the Dzyaloshinkii-Moriya interaction in the bulk and at interfaces
Parongama Sen University of Calcutta India
Maximum load bearing capacity of a fibre  bundle model
Farhad Fazileh Isfahan University of Technology Iran
A tight-binding study of the scaling laws of phosphorene nanoribbons
Monica Craciun University of Exeter UK
High quality graphene for advanced applications
Gladius Lewis University of Memphis USA
Guiqin Li Tsinghua University  China
The first principle calculation for transport properties of electronic devices
Kuei-Fang Hsu National Cheng Kung University Taiwan
Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials Beyond the Calcopyrite AgGaQ2 (Q=S, Se)
Dan Marom Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
Hideo Kaiju Hokkaido University Japan
Large magnetocapacitance effect in magnetic tunnel junctions at room temperature
Cheng-Hsien Liu National Tsing Hua University Taiwan
Embryo Culture on a Microfluidic Lab Chip
MOHAMMED ZUBAIR M. SHAMIM King Khalid University  Saudi Arabia
Tamaz Kereselidze Tbilisi State University Georgia
Energy spectra of a particle confined in a potential well of ellipsoidal shape and finite height
Md. K. Nazeeruddin École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne Swissland
Efficient Solar Cells Based on Tailored Perovskites and Novel Hole Transporting Materials
Qian Niu University of Texas at Austin USA
O’Dae Kwon Pohang University of Science and Technology Korea
Photonic quantum ring (PQR) emitters and optical switches
Pooi See Lee Nanyang Technological University singapore
Flexible and Stretchable Conductors for Electrochemical Energy Conversion Devices
Sang-Yup Lee Yonsei University Korea
Applications of biomimetic bolaamphiphile molecules in catalysis and energy harvesting
Toshihiro Okamoto Tokushima University Japan
Split-ring resonator metamaterial fabricated by nanosphere lithography
Thierry Passerat de Silans Universidade Federal da Paraíba Caixa Brazil
Laser-induced adsorption of alkali atoms on dielectric surfaces
Wen-Cheng Wei National Taiwan University Taiwan
Glass and Ceramic Feedstocks for 3D Additive Manufacturing
Kazuo Miyamura Tokyo University of Science Japan
Unique behaviour of the material capable of storing heat by cold crystallisation
Misni Misran University of Malaya Malaya
Yongchang Han Dalian University of Technology China
Molecular photoassociation and photodissociation dynamics by femtosecond lasers
Jun Mizuno Waseda University Japan
Kenneth K.W. Kwan University of Hong Kong China
Nanostructured metallic actuator
Yusheng Shi  Huazhong University of Science & Technology China
Pritam Mukhopadhyay Jawaharlal Nehru University India
Stable Organic radicals, radical ions and supramolecular morphosynthesis from a Naphthalenediimide scaffold
Katharine Moore Tibbetts Virginia Commonwealth University USA
Controlling the size and shape of uncapped Au nanostructures with femtosecond laser-assisted synthesis
Qi-Huo Wei Kent State University USA
Nikolai Andreevitch Sobolev University of Aveiro Portugal
Magnetoelectric effect in laminates based on bidomain LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 single-crystaline ferroelectrics
Amit Raj Sharma Wright State University USA
Yasuhiro Sugawara Osaka University Japan
Atomic-scale Imaging of Electronic Properties of the Surface by Electrostatic Force Microscopy
Pei Wenli Northeastern University China
Magnetic nanoparticles synthesized by wet chemical method
Sung G Chung Western Michigan University USA
Beat Braem ETH Zurich Switzerland
Local Investigation and Manipulation of Fractional Quantum Hall States using Scanning Gate Microscopy
Q. Jane Wang Northwestern University USA
Saeeda Usman COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
Optimization and Robustness of Computing Systems
Hiroshi Okamoto Hirosaki University Japan
Ifat Kaplan-Ashiri Weizmann Institute of Scienc Israel
SEM beyond imaging – in situ SEM experiments
Maja Remskar Jozef Stefan Institute Slovenia
Molybdenum based nanostructures: wires, tubes, onions, cubes and belts
Md. Monimul Huque Bangladesh University of Engineering & Thechnology Bangladesh
Studies on chemically treated natural fiber reinforced – polypropylene composites
Fredrik  Karlsson Linkoping University Sweden
InGaN quantum dots on GaN micropyramids for polarized photon emission
Hiroshi Fukuoka Hiroshima University Japan
High-pressure synthesis, structures, and properties of germanides of new group 14 elements
Diana Golodnitsky Tel Aviv University Israel
3D-thin film microbatteries
Malek Tabbal American University of Beirut Lebanon
Phase selectivity in the synthesis of manganese oxides by plasma assisted pulsed laser deposition
Ruth Lancheros Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia
PLGA-ALE nanoparticles target and delivery N-acetylcysteine to bone tissue
Masanobu Haraguchi Tokushima University Japan
Tae-Youl Choi University of North Texas USA
Thermal Properties of 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D materials
Noriyoshi Matsumi Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan
Design of crystalline organoboron electrolyte with enhanced lithium ion conduction
Hu-Jong Lee Pohang University of Science and Technology  Korea
Shoko Kume Hiroshima University Japan
Cooperative Electrocatalysis of Molecularly Modified Metallic Surface
Stefan Seeger University of Zurich Swissland
Debajyoti Ghoshal Jadavpur University India
Mixed ligand porous coordination polymers for selective carbon dioxide sequestration
Efrat Lifshitz Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Gustavo Doubek Faculdade de Engenharia Química – Unicamp Brazil
Gufei Zhang Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium
Jin-Ping Ao Tokushima University Japan
Synthesis and application of nickel oxide by reactive sputtering
Yu-Min Yang National Cheng Kung University Taiwan
Development of Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surface (SLIPS) through Biomimicking
Seng Neon Gan University of Malaya Malaya
Yara Galvao Gobato Federal University of São Carlos Brazil
Optical , Magneto-Optical and Spin properties of GaPN  materials
Josep Nogues Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Spain
Multifunctional magnetic and magneto-plasmonic nanoparticles for enhanced hyperthermia applications
Seokhyun Yoon Ewha Womans University South Korea Raman scattering studies of one-dimensional materials
Nobuhiko Nakano Keio University Japan
LSI design for patch clamp measurement system
Abdul Qadeer Malik National University of Sciences and Technology Pakistan
Civil and Military Applications of Energetic Materials
Jwohuei Jou National Tsing Hua University Taiwan
Good light based on candlelight OLED
Jianxiong Li South China University of Technology  China
Flexible transparent electrodes based on PEDOT coating synthesized in situ by liquid phase depositional polymerization
Ajit K. Mahapatro University of Delhi India
Bipolar resistive switching in annealed graphene oxide thin film devices
Klaus Muller-Buschbaum University of Würzburg Germany
Luminescent N-functionalized MOFs and Coordination Networks for Novel Sensing Applications and Lighting
Valery Levitas Iowa State University USA
Melt dispersion mechanism for oxidation of aluminum nano- and microscale particles
Saw-Wai Hla Ohio University USA
Lei Tian University of California Berkeley USA
Computational illumination for high-speed Gigapixel 3D phase imaging
Chi Hwan Lee Purdue University USA
Advanced Electronic Systems Enabled by Transfer Printing Approaches
Qian Yu Soochow University China
Yuta Mizukami University of Tokyo Japan
Impurity effect in iron-based superconductors
Jolly Jacob Abu Dhabi University United Arab Emirates
Sayed Abboudy Ibrahim Alexandria University Egypt
Hopping conduction, metal-insulator transition and related phenomena in 3D systems
Lachezar Komitov University of Gothenburg Sweden
New generation of alignment materials for LCDs
Khalid Alzebdeh Sultan Qaboos University Oman
Paz Vaqueiro University of Reading UK
Layered oxychalcogenides as promising thermoelectric materials
Kenataro Kaneko Kyoto University Japan
Novel ferromagnetic semiconductors and their applications
Debashis Bandyopadhyay Birla Institute of Technology and Science India
Josmar D. Pagliuso University of Sao Paulo Brazil
Environmental and technical aspects of the use of blends of sugarcane bagasse and RDF in power production in Brazil – A case study
Choon Young Lee Central Michigan University USA
Dendritic macromolecular antioxidants
Nor Khairusshima Binti Muhamad Khairussaleh International Islamic University Malaysia Malaysia
Pravin P. Ingole Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India
Electrochemical synthesis of nanostructured materials for energy and environment related application
Omar F. Mohammed King Abdullah University of Science & Technology Saudi Arabia
Kathleen Kash Case Western Reserve University USA
Hendrik  Heinz University of Colorado-Boulder USA
Understanding molecular recognition and assembly at biological-inorganic interfaces to engineer new functional materials: catalysts, sensors, and biominerals
Nacir Tit United Arab Emirates University United Arab Emirates
Detection of CO2 using Carbon-based Sensors: First-Principle Analysis
Gerhard Eder Johannes Kepler University Austria
On the Existence of Stable Clusters in Polymer Melts: Consequences for Nucleation under Processing Conditions
Chang-Dong Yeo Texas Tech University USA
Molecular Dynamics (MD) Modeling and Simulation to Investigate Bonding Preference of Outgassed Hydrocarbon Molecules to Lubricated and Bare Carbon Surfaces
Ahsanulhaq Qurashi King Fahd University of petroleum and Minerals Dhahran Saudi Arabia
1D Metal oxide Nanoarrays and their applications
Khalid I. Alzebdeh Sultan Qaboos University Oman
Lattice Models in Micro/Nano Mechanics of Materials
Chuan-Jian  Zhong State University of New York at  Binghamton USA
Printable and Flexible Sensors and Energy-Storage Devices
W.G. van der Wiel University of Twente Netherlands
Verena Gortz Lancaster University UK
Responsive Nanoscale Self-organisation in Soft Anisotropic Particles
Gabriel Luiz Cruz de Souza Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso Brazil
Probing electron scattering cross sections for molecules of technological importance
Zexiang Chen University of  Electronic Science and Technology of China China
A Direct Growth of Wafer-Scale Monolayer Graphene using Microwave Plasma CVD
Renato Garcia de Freitas Sobrinho Federal University of Mato Grosso Brazil
Tuning Nanomaterials Properties on Energy Conversion: Theoretical and Experimental Engineering
Muhammad Abrar Comsats ineof information technology Islamabad Pakistan
Study of Helium admixed Nitrogen discharge optical  using emmission spectroscopy
Shulin Sun Fudan University China
Highly efficient surface plasmon meta-coupler: concept and realization
Yoshiyasu Ueno University of Electro-Communications  Japan
Ming Yu University of Louisville USA
Energy landscape and diffusivity of Li atom on phosphorene: a first principle study
Mischa Thesberg Technische Universität Wien Austria
Optimization of nanostructured  thermoelectrics: a theoretical study
Yogesh N. Joglekar Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis USA
Topological states in parity-time symmetric Aubry-Andre lattices: implications to beam opropagation in photonic lattices
Yufridin Bin Wahab Universiti Malaysia Perlis Malaysia
FDTS Nanolayer for Surface Modification of Microfluidic Microstructures
Masao Nagase Tokushima University Japan
Single crystal graphene growth on SiC by infrared rapid thermal annealing
Manohar Kumar Aalto University Finland
Breakdown of the quantum Hall effect in graphene: Low frequency studies
Yiliang Liao University of Nevada USA
Enhanced fatigue performance of metallic materials through thermal engineered laser shock peening
Jeffry Kelber University of North Texas USA
Sanjay Puri Jawaharlal Nehru University India
Surface-directed Spinodal Decomposition
Paulo T. Araujo University of Alabama Brazil
Charles H Patterson Trinity College Dublin Ireland
Au at the Si(111) surface: silicene and Au nanowires probed by optical spectroscopy
Zhili Xiao Northern Illinois University USA
Three-dimensional anisotropy of magnetoresistance in layered material WTe2
Zerihun Assefa North Carolina A&T State University USA
The designing of coordination polymers consisting of transition metals-lanthanide ions for luminescence enhancement
Thomas Tybel Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
Masatomo Yashima Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Novel Oxide-Ion Conductors based on a New Structure Family NdBaInO4
Takefumi Kamioka Toyota Technological Institute Japan
Next generation of high-efficient heterojunction crystalline silicon solar cells
Rocio Yanes Diaz Universität Konstanz Germany
Searching for Exchange Bias: a multi-scale approach
John Gibbs Northern Arizona University USA
Francisco Gontad Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Italy
Julio Cesar Mondragon Trochez Universidad del Atlantico Colombia
Improving mechanical properties of Heusler alloys by sustitution and thermal proccess
Dipak K. Goswami Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur India
Effect of tri-layer dielectric system on the stability and performance of organic field-effect transistors
Ananth Krishnan Indian Institute of Technology Madras India
Yew San Hor Missouri University of Science and Technology USA
Superconductivity and magnetism in 3D topological materials
Nikolai Perov Lomonosov Moscow State University Russia
Ferromagnetic nanoparticles in topochemical transformations
Natalia Kochurova St.Peterburg University Russia
Non-Equilibrium Surface Phenomena
Tomoyasu Hirai Kyushu University Japan
Preparation of polymer with perylenediimide side chain and characterization of its nanostructure
Anwar Hussain COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Pakistan
Simultaneous recording of two holograms with crossed-polarized light for optical superresolution
Makoto Sakurai Kobe University Japan
Toward quantum bit generation using single highly charged ion implantation
Chia-Chiang Chang aePlasma 41 Co., Ltd Taiwan
Transparent thin metal oxide films deposition using atmospheric plasma and novel value-added applications
Thuat Trinh Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
The Small System Method to compute thermodynamic data for 3D and 2D system
Huaming Li Taiyuan University of Technology China
Thermodynamic properties by Equation of state of liquid sodium under pressure
Hagay Shpaisman Bar-Ilan University Israel
Directed Formation By Optical And Acoustic Forces
Yasuya Nakayama Kyushu University Japan
Strain Mode of General Flow: Characterization and Implications for Flow Pattern Structures
Xin Guo Huazhong University of Science and Technology China
Bio-templated syntheses of hierarchically porous metal oxides for applications in gas sensing and energy storage
Yu-Chiang Chao Chung Yuan Christian University Taiwan
The control of crystallinity in polymer and perovskite solar cells
Joachim Loo Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Nanotheranostics and Nanotoxicology
Jae Woong Yoon Hanyang University Korea
Guided-mode resonance nanophotonics: Review and applications
Helmut Baumgart Old Dominion University USA
Advances in Thermoelectric Materials with Improved Figure of Merit
Lan-Chang Liang National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan
Synthesis of well-defined 3D printing and biocompatible polymers by living ring-opening polymerization
Santanu  Ghosh Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India
Alan P. Druschitz Virginia Tech USA
Production of energy absorbing mesostructures (lattice structures) produced using 3D printed sand molds
Timur Shegai Chalmers University of Technology Sweden
Strong light-matter interactions on a nanoscale using plasmonics
Eddie Cussen University of Strathclyde UK
Solid State Lithium Conduction and Disorder in Complex Oxides
Hirohisa Uchida Shinshu University Japan
Nanoparticle Design of Organic Materials by Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (RESS) Using Carbon Dioxide
Yanglong Hou Peking University China
Nanostructured Hybrid Materials for Lithium-based Batteries
Judy Wu University of Kansas USA
Wenzhi Li Florida International University USA
Electrochemical Lithiation of Individual Cobalt Sulfide Nanowire-filled Carbon Nanotube
Shubhra Gangopadhyay University of Missouri-Columbia USA
Charles Jaffé West Virginia University USA
Recent developments in reaction dynamics
Keshab Gangopadhyay University of Missouri USA
Novel nano-energetic materials and their applications
Pragati Thakur Savitribai Phule Pune University India
Carbon based materials and their photocatalytic applications in energy and environment
Bing Yan Shandong University China
Jean-Marie Basset King Abdullah University of Science & Technology Saudi Arabia
Andreas Fissel University Hannover Germany
Si-based twinning superlattices on atomically flat mesas: Epitaxial growth and electrical characterization
Hong Li Northwestern Polytechnical University China
Void shrinking and interfacial grain boundary migration in the diffusion bonding of 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV steel
Xianfang Zhu Xiamen University China
Concepts in Nanosize and Nanotime: Fundamentals and Applications


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