Molecular Electronics and Systems

Pascal Jonkheijm University of Twente Netherlands
Molecular engineering of cell-material interfaces
Yasushi Morita Aichi Institute of Technology Japan
Molecular Spin Battery Composed of Air-stable Neutral Radicals and Graphite
Priya Vashishta University of Southern California USA
Reactive Nanosystems: Billion Atom Reactive and Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Takeharu Haino Hiroshima University Japan
Supramolecular Assembly with Unique Function
Feng Shi Beijing University of Chemical Technology China
Precise Macroscopic Supramolecular Assembly and Applications
Masayoshi HIGUCHI National Institute for Materials Science Japan
Electrochromic devices with metallo-supramolecular polymer films
Kensuke Naka Kyoto Institute of Technology Japan
Element-Block Polymers Based on T8-caged Silsesquioxanes
Tamaki Nakano Hokkaido University Japan
Chirality induction to various molecules by circularly polarized light
Shoko Kume Hiroshima University Japan
Cooperative Electrocatalysis of Molecularly Modified Metallic Surface
Debajyoti Ghoshal Jadavpur University India
Mixed ligand porous coordination polymers for selective carbon dioxide sequestration
Jacqueline M. Cole University of Cambridge UK
Molecular Engineering of Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Dominique Vuillaume Lille University France
Optical and electrical properties
of molecules junctions and networks
H. Peter Lu Bowling Green State University USA
Single-molecule interfacial electron transfer at molecule-semiconductor solar energy conversion systems
Sheila Goncalves do Couto Carvalho Federal University of Goiaz Brazil
Interaction between proteins and membranes by means of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
Yongchang Han Dalian University of Technology China
Molecular photoassociation and photodissociation dynamics by femtosecond lasers
Alexander Brown University of Alberta Canada
Molecular pre-cursors for materials chemistry and phosphorescent molecules: Computational Investigations
Archita Patnaik Indian Institute of Technology Madras India
Intermolecular Proton Switching’ Coupled Electron Transfer across ‘Nanogold – Metal Organic Molecular Wire Junction: Insights on Irreversible Seed-mediated Nanoparticle Aggregation
Choon Young Lee Central Michigan University USA
Dendritic macromolecular antioxidants
Hendrik  Heinz University of Colorado-Boulder USA
Understanding molecular recognition and assembly at biological-inorganic interfaces to engineer new functional materials: catalysts, sensors, and biominerals
Chang-Dong Yeo Texas Tech University USA
Molecular Dynamics (MD) Modeling and Simulation to Investigate Bonding Preference of Outgassed Hydrocarbon Molecules to Lubricated and Bare Carbon Surfaces
Gabriel Luiz Cruz de Souza Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso Brazil
Probing electron scattering cross sections for molecules of technological importance


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